2021 Challenges and Positivity

No business or agency is bullet-proof, and we are no different. Before the pandemic hit last year, we were on track to have the most successful year in our 21-year history, delivering projects and events all over the world. But scripts change and we had to dig really deep to keep morale, motivation and innovation high amongst the painful decisions that many of us had to make, and that we hated doing.

We have always offered excellent value, speed, knowledge and dedication to our clients, and we weren’t prepared to budge on any of these points. So, we have tweaked our agency model to keep service and skill levels high but at an even better price that fits the market need. 

The changes we have made within the agency have also enabled us to bring forward our plans for further global expansion and an enhanced service offering.  

  • Global Growth
  • Breadth of Service
  • The Future

Bluedog has had a global presence for the last 10 years with a strong presence in the US and China but we have now shifted our Asian office to Singapore, given the change in focus of our clients and the countries we found ourselves delivering most of our projects. Further to this, Brexit and an increased demand of large-scale European and international projects has played an instrumental part in Bluedog finding fresh bases, both in Spain and the Middle East, based out of Dubai.

Bluedog has offered event and retail services since its inception and has delivered leading edge digital solutions since 2016 as both standalone and ‘blended’ projects. The pandemic shift has not switched off the need and desire for brands to showcase their wares, and we have now recently delivered over 10 digital only events for clients and developed a number of retail focused applications. It’s core to our offer for the shifted world and is reflected in our new agency logo. We’d love to share our thoughts on how digital only (or heavily blended) approaches do not make solutions and events second best for the new low touch economy.

We’re pleased to say that as an agency we have adapted well, thought smarter, been bold, reinvented and recalibrated, and continued to land work of which we are extremely proud. Although 2021 will no doubt contain a few more surprises and possibly even setbacks for businesses, we plan on being here for at least another 21 years.

We wish everyone the best of luck moving forward and would to love to share new world discussions, opinions and options with all those who fancy a virtual (for now) conversation and live thinking session.

The Bluedog Team